I’m just so emotionally attached to a lot of the people I follow. Like, I might not even talk to you, but I’ll see your little icon and url pop up on my dash and I’ll just stare at it and smile and be like: friend.


Let us never forget that Jeremy Renner used to be a makeup artist.

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i could eat a whole avocado right now


avocago away

You don’t get to have an opinion about my pathetic forays into internet dating.


Serinda teaches “hanger gun” shooting lesson.

Ok this is about the silliest and cutest things I’ve seen on instagram in a long time. How could you not absolutely love Serinda???

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That’s freakin’ apple juice. You’re a lyin’ bastard. 


wannabewylerx replied to your post “okay so I liked that way more than I thought I would”

S A M E. I really enjoyed it and I’m super happy and like, I wasn’t expecting this.


kensideeks replied to your post “okay so I liked that way more than I thought I would”

It was pretty kick ass.

It was enjoyable and kick ass! I mean, the progression of the Kensi/Talia thing was weird and bothered me, but other than that I don’t have something bad to say really.

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